Vivebiotech participated in the conference “The Parks in the Press” that was held on November 29 in Madrid, an event that had as main objective to have a close contact with journalists from the Spanish press to tell them what a Technology Park is, as well as to give them to know which top-level scientific-technological companies are installed in the Spanish parks.

This year during this conference organized by the Association of Scientific and Technological Parks of Spain (APTE) with the collaboration of the Carlos III University of Madrid, five Technology Parks were presented, one of them being the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park (PCT Gipuzkoa).

The PCT Gipuzkoa, which operates in more than five million square meters where more than 20,000 people work and is part of the Euskadi Science Parks Network, is the headquarters of 554 companies and entities, and represents 38% of the R&D expenses of the region. VIVEbiotech is one of the companies located in it.

VIVEbiotech had the opportunity to make a presentation trying to explain to the attendees what it has brought to be in a Park, what benefits and improvements in competitiveness brings this fact, what has been its business career and what are the challenges it has in the future. The presentation was made by Dr. Natalia Elizalde, Business Development Director of VIVEbiotech.

During the day the book “Infraestructuras para la innovación en los parques científicos y tecnológicos españoles ” was also presented, and the “II Prize for the dissemination of science and technology parks in the Spanish press” was awarded. On this occasion the winners of the latter were La Razón in the category of national press, and La Opinión de Málaga in the category of local press.

Many thanks to APTE for organizing events like this, and in particular to PCT Gipuzkoa for giving VIVEbiotech the opportunity to actively participate in it.