Unlock and develop your professional potential at VIVEbiotech in a friendly, flexible atmosphere with a low turnover rate.

We are looking for dedicated individuals committed to ethics and rigour, people who will help forge the path forward through effort and teamwork, while accompanying our customers with personal attention and flexibility. The team is united in pursuit of a common purpose: to improve people’s lives by delivering advanced therapies to patients suffering from cancer and rare diseases.


VIVE accompanies you throughout any established relationship.

It accompanies us as employees with its people development program and allows us to develop professionally with the use of cutting-edge technologies and processes within the biotechnology industry.

We accompany our clients during the project from preclinical to commercial phases.

We accompany patients by offering, together with our clients, therapeutic alternatives that do not exist to date for the cure of diseases such as hematological and solid cancers, or rare diseases.

This is the most beautiful thing about our work, we have a direct impact on people’s health.

Basilio Moreno

I like working at VIVEbiotech (USP) because every day presents a new challenge and this means constant learning. It motivates me to know that we are collaborating to combat rare diseases.

Also, working in a growing company like VIVEbiotech with young and hardworking people inspires me, excites me and makes my work more productive and enjoyable.

Haizea Fernandez

I have had the privilege of participating in the development and growth of VIVE from the beginning and it is very fascinating to see all the way that we have to go.

The small family that launched VIVE is becoming a great family with which to grow personally and professionally.

Janire Arizeta

Working at VIVEbiotech allows me to nurture and interrelate three of my passions: my family, people and science.

Reconciling my personal and work life has been easy at VIVE, without giving up the development of a professional career. I am proud and grateful to belong to this growing family.

Naiara Tejados

Living in Donostia / San Sebastian

Gipuzkoa’s capital city is both cosmopolitan and very manageable. The city has impressive cultural offerings, including international film and jazz festivals, and is one of the culinary capitals of the world, home to several Michelin-starred restaurants. Three city beaches are among the main tourist attractions. The city is also close to Bilbao and Pamplona (100 km) and to France (25 km).

Donostia / San Sebastián also has a high concentration of leading research and technology centres. To facilitate accommodation, the city’s Talent House is designed as an alternative to conventional housing.

Likewise, Donostia / San Sebastian has a wide range of accommodation to move you to live in our city: from our Team we will support you in matters related to accommodation, job placement of other people in your family, schools, transport, and any other aspect for which you need help.