VIVEbiotech is one of the only companies in the world specialized exclusively in lentiviral vectors. One of the things that sets us apart is our expertise not only in production but also virology, backed by a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience.

Promoted by a group of Basque investors, our project has been built from the ground up on decisive steps and solid foundations firmly rooted in the region.



Flexibility & Capacity

We have the capacity and flexibility to develop and produce custom lentiviral vectors from the earliest stages of development to commercial scale production.


Knowledge & Experience

VIVEbiotech accompanies customers every step of the development and production of their therapies. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in both virology and optimization of production processes enables us to provide solutions to the challenges faced during the process.


In-house technology

Astate of the art proprietary technology, patented worldwide, called Lentisoma has been developed by VIVEbiotech allowing us to deliver unique solutions with multiple advantages in non-integration and stability. VIVEbiotech is also developing other lines of work related to optimizations to improve cost-effectiveness, scalability, regulatory or quality compliance of the production process, and the intrinsic biological characteristics of the vectors themselves.