VIVEbiotech has joined the #juntosporeldravet campaign organized by the Apoyodravet association this week, coinciding with the International Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day.

As they told us from the association, “the objective is to give social visibility to the Dravet Syndrome and sensitize society about the disease and its consequences“.

Dravet syndrome is a neurological disease that mainly occurs with uncontrolled epileptic episodes, mental retardation and severe behavioral disorders, as well as one of the highest mortality rates among epileptic syndromes.

VIVEbiotech staff stopped their activity for a few minutes to take some photos with the material sent by the association to support the campaign.

From the association they reminded us that “Apoyodravet is financed thanks to the voluntary contributions of individuals, companies, public and private institutions. Anyone who wants to contribute can do so at this link:”.

Thanks to the Apoyodravet association for their great work!