Among these Companies, VIVEbiotech´s CEO, put a reasoned viewpoint  considering that there are some Companies, as VIVEbiotech, that have been seeding during years allowing that Guipuzcoa is already a relevant area in the biotechnology sector.

Gurutz noted that our market is global and therefore our agreements are established with international agents.

Mondragon corporation, Biobide, Microliquid and VIVEbiotech were the Companies  that actively participated in this article bringing interesting and enriching opinions about the biotech sector.

VIVEbiotech is pioneer in the Gene Therapy field in the Basque Country and his activity during this last two years as a CDMO Developing and Manufacturing Lentiviral vectors and developing innovative technologies as LENTISOMA, have allowed the Company to position itself as one of the reference Lentiviral vectors manufacturers in Europe.

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