Thus, Fomento has awarded prizes in three categories: women entrepreneurs, companies that are committed to innovation and female talent, and women researchers who promote STEAM vocations. The winners of the EmakumeEkinn award, in the three aforementioned categories, were: GOXONELA Marianela Guarda (entrepreneur), VIVEbiotech (company) and María Muñoz Cafarell (researcher).

The awards were presented by the Mayor, Eneko Goia, the Councilor for Local Economy and Employment, Marisol Garmendia, and the Managing Director of Fomento San Sebastian, Iñigo Olaizola. The event took place in the EKINN space dedicated to entrepreneurs, which was inaugurated on Monday last week.

These awards are part of the commitment of Fomento San Sebastian to promote equality policies linked to employment and entrepreneurship, to which two million euros are allocated annually and which has supported the creation in 2023 of more than 400 jobs for women and a hundred business projects.

During the presentation, the Mayor, Eneko Goia, congratulated all the winners and thanked “the hard work you are doing each in your field to demonstrate to future generations that regardless of sex you can develop a successful career in any field”. Thus, he stressed that “you are an example to follow. A bet of present and future for the city. Your example, undoubtedly, will make many more innovative companies bet on female talent, and many more women bet on entrepreneurship in our city”.

For her part, the Councilor for Local Economy and Employment, Marisol Garmendia, stressed that San Sebastian needs the talent of women to continue moving forward: “we represent half of the citizenship and intelligent and fair societies welcome and promote female talent, which is 50% of their creative potential, innovation and knowledge and, therefore, of their capacity for development and creation of welfare. That is why it is so important to visualize this reality and create references that stimulate women to grow and develop their professional projects, to achieve their full realization, overcoming inequality gaps and contributing all their potential to the progress of our city”.

On behalf of the entire VIVEbiotech team, congratulations to the other award winners, and thank you very much for this precious recognition.