The Congreso Anual de Biotecnología has been organised by FEBiotec – Federación Española de Biotecnólogos and biotEx – Asociación de Biotecnólogos de Extremadura. It is one of the most important events in the biotechnology sector in Spain and every year brings together more than three hundred scientists, students and entrepreneurs to share experiences, knowledge and passion for biotechnology.

The BAC Badajoz 2023 was the fifth consecutive congress that presented four parallel lines of presentations: bioBAC, businessBAC, expoBAC and viveBAC. Sole has participated in the Biotech Meeting Point (BMP) within viveBAC, the line that seeks to promote an exchange of dialogue and debate between future scientists and veterans with experience in the field of biotechnology. It is a meeting point with professionals from different sectors of biotechnology, with whom to exchange doubts and experiences about the opportunities offered by biotechnology and the paths to follow to reach each of them.

Many thanks to FEBiotec and biotEx for having VIVEbiotech and inviting Sole to participate.