We have relived moments of joy remembering his person, his great humor, critical spirit, self-demanding, and his enormous passion and concern for everything he did… science, art and the enjoyment of life in general.

These days we have heard many anecdotes about Juan Carlos, especially from those of our colleagues who have had the good fortune to spend more time with him, experiences that show that he has been a person with an unusual genius, at all levels, not only scientific.

We are aware of how lucky we have been to know such a unique being.

We are receiving numerous messages of condolence from scientific, political, economic and social entities, which are conveying to us the enormous loss that the death of Juan Carlos represents, and the high impact that his figure leaves in all aspects. Our most sincere thanks.

All our support and affection to the family and friends of Juan Carlos. We share your pain.

VIVEbiotech was a “life” project for Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos’ public testimony on our website states:

Working at VIVEbiotech means having as a professional goal to revolutionize the vector production process for gene therapy and democratize personalized medicine.

To meet these challenges, VIVEbiotech is committed to science and innovation as instruments, with the passion of the people involved in the project as makers of this adventure.”

Juan Carlos, we will keep your project alive and make it grow.

You will always be in our hearts, and in science.