VIVEbiotech, a company specialized in the production of lentiviral vectors for their use in gene therapy, has received notification of the patent grant for the LENTISOMA technology from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

LENTISOMA is a new generation lentiviral vector whose most outstanding feature is related to the fact that it is not inserted into the genome of cells. This novel mechanism of action provides advantages relative to safety and efficiency with respect to the vectors currently in use.

When its development phase ends, the advantages of LENTISOMA will position it as one of the vectors of choice for the gene therapies that require it.

Therefore, it is very important that LENTISOMA is correctly protected from the Intellectual Property point of view in the United States, bearing in mind that it is the most powerful country in the development of gene therapies.

This concession is consistent with the growing number of manufacturing projects that VIVEbiotech is developing in the US market (6 projects currently).