The Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, together with the Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, Arantxa Tapia, delivered the Joxe Mari Korta 2021 Awards this past Wednesday, November 23. One of the awards, the one proposed by the Korta Bidetik Foundation, has been awarded to Gurutz Linazasoro, CEO of VIVEbiotech.

The Joxe Mari Korta awards were stablished in 2000, to “publicly recognize the qualities and efforts of people who lead the Basque economic ecosystem, and who with their investments and their work create jobs and wealth; elements that revert to the benefit of society as a whole”.

As Gurutz mentioned in his speech when referring to the award, “If I had to summarize the meaning of this Joxe M Korta Award in one sentence, I would say that it is a performance guide in both the professional and personal scopes. And what a guide!”.

Regarding VIVEbiotech, he commented that, “Our contribution to this Euskadi 4.0 is the production of viral vectors for gene therapies to cure nowadays incurable diseases, one of the most beautiful purposes there can be.

In addition, we do it at VIVEbiotech, a Basque company that has progressed to the Gipuzkoan one: step by step, hand in hand with the market and attracting people of great value to establish their roots in Gipuzkoa. We want to keep our Gipuzkoan essence closely linked to our international spirit. To this end, we promote the creation of a strong, collaborative and competitive biotechnology ecosystem that turns science into industry, attracts talent and invites rooting. It is the best way to build a country. This award is a big boost to make this idea a reality”.

All VIVEbiotech workers are aware of how lucky we are to have Gurutz as our guide. We all feel that Gurutz truly represents those values for which he has been awarded.

Congratulations, Gurutz! And congratulations also to the rest of the winners.

You can see the full awards gala at this link.