Gurutz Linazasoro, CEO of VIVEbiotech, gave the lecture at the award ceremony of the XVIII. Manuel Laborde Werlinden Prize

The CEO of VIVEbiotech, Dr. Gurutz Linazasoro, gave the lecture entitled "VIVEbioTECH, a story to tell" in the award ceremony of the XVIII. Manuel Laborde Werlinden Prize that took place yesterday.

The Entreprenari Program "represents the framework of action of BIC GIPUZKOA and the UPV/EHU, Campus of Gipuzkoa, which facilitates/enables the processes of Technology and Knowledge Transfer to the market via the Creation of Innovative and/or Science-Technology Based Companies, and companies that are intensive in specific knowledge". This program launches annually the Manuel Laborde Werlinden Prize, which has the following objectives:

  1. Encourage ideas and projects of entrepreneurship in the University environment.
  2. Promote the innovative potential of the University via the creation and development of new business initiatives.
  3. Support the development of new initiatives through the contribution of economic resources and expert advisory services in business creation and management considering the following types of projects as innovative:
    1. New Companies with a Scientific-Technological Basis.
    2. Intensive companies in specific knowledge, aimed at emerging sectors.

In the conference entitled "VIVEbioTECH, a story to tell" Dr. Linazasoro shared what the keys to the success of VIVEbiotech, a biotechnology-based company dedicated to the manufacture of lentiviral vectors for gene therapy clinical trials, have been.

The XVIII Manuel Laborde Werlinden Prize award delivery took place today at the Joxe Mari Korta Center Auditorium (Donostia). The first prize in this edition was for the Miramoon Pharma initiative, and the second award was given to the Wimbitek initiative.

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