José Manuel Franco, COO of VIVEbiotech, participates in a Roundtable on Ideas on how to transform knowledge into economic activity

The COO of VIVEbiotech, José Manuel Franco, participated in a Roundtable of Ideas that took place at CIC bioGUNE. José María Mato, the General Director of the center, moderated the initiative, and Leire Bilbao, General Director of Innobasque, Ainara Basurko, General Director of BEAZ-BIZKAIA, Mikel Álvarez, Director of Business Development and Institutional Relations of Mondragon Corporation and Mr. Franco participated in it.

The participants shared ideas and points of view about how to transform knowledge into economic activity, and thus offer what it needs to the market. In the words of Mr. Franco, "To get to the market in a fast way you have to offer what is needed". He also noted that, "The most efficient process is built by identifying the need and starting the flow in the opposite direction".

And to this the success of VIVEbiotech is mainly due: the gene therapy market, in exponential growth, needs viral vector providers that are the vehicle to transport healthy genes to sick cells that cause genetic diseases. VIVEbiotech manufactures lentiviral vectors to be used in gene therapy clinical trials in humans.

As Mr. Franco added at the end of the Table of Ideas, "Our experience as a company is that if we reached where we are is because of the enthusiasm, motivation, value and effort of a very young team that has gotten completely involved. The staff has thrown into the project, and this is the basis of the success".

You can read the full report here.

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