New technics for Gene editing such as CRISPR open a very wide range of possibilities to improve health and environment allowing repairing incorrect genes. The discussion revolved around if also these new techniques can be used for other different aims such as people and species improvement, which the limits are and who should determine it.

Speakers in this interesting journey were:

  • Salvador Macip: Medical Doctor and Researcher, Head of the Reasearch group for Cancer and Aging in Leicester University.
  • Peter Mills: Associate Director at Nuffield Council on Bioethics, Centre that has just published the report “Genome editing: an ethical review”.
  • Juan Carlos Ramirez: VIVEbiotech´s Scientific Director presenting major expertise in Lentiviral vectors development and manufacture. Responsible for the development of Lentisoma, a non-integrative episomal lentiviral vector.