Head of Health, Safety and Environment

About us

We are a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) with over 40 biotech companies worldwide that have placed their trust in us. We develop and manufacture lentiviral vectors as a European leader working under both EMA and FDA standards. The lentiviral vectors produced by VIVEbiotech are used to treat a range of disorders, including haematological and solid cancers, and rare diseases.

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Your role

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated Head of Health, Safety and Environment, to perform a key position reporting directly to the Chief Operations Officer.

You will lead the management of biosafety, occupational risk prevention and health and environment in all areas of the company, with special attention to its integration in all processes of the Operations, Technological Innovation and Quality Control areas.

It will also be responsable for ensuring the correct and effective compliance throughout the organization, of regulations and laws on biosafety, occupational risk prevention and health and environment that affect our company.

Your responsibilities

  • You will ensure that biosafety, occupational health and safety, and environment are at all times integrated into the overall process of operations, from start to finish. Design this integration in advance, in order to prevent incidents and accidents that may affect people’s health or the environment.
  • You will coordinate the necessary actions with the leaders of other areas of the company, in order to ensure the integration of biosafety, occupational health and safety, and environment in the rest of the company’s processes: incorporations of new people in the organization, new customer projects, quality audits, expansion or modification of facilities, etc.
  • You will ensure compliance with legal obligations in terms of biosafety, occupational health and safety, and environment, in all areas of the company being proactively updated on changes and new legislation.
  • You will manage the annual plan and activities of the External Prevention Service that affect all areas of the company.
  • Keeping up to date the occupational risk assessments of the jobs and the company, and planning and implementing all necessary actions derived from them (training, epis, control and handling of chemical substances, etc.).
  • Maintaining the list of elements/materials with chemical/toxic/biological risk as well as the database of safety data sheets.
  • You will ensure the correct management of ergonomics in VIVE workstations by working on their continuous improvement.
  • Established the training and information plan for biosafety, occupational risk prevention and health and environment for all areas of the company on an annual basis and lead its implementation in coordination with the internal training service of the company.
  • Manage, control and continuously improve the processes of generation and handling of waste generated in the company, ensuring legal compliance at all times like keeping update information shared with Regional Authorities.
  • You will manage activities and documentation related to hazardous and biohazardous waste.
  • You will lead and oversee internal or external safety meetings as required.
  • You will represent the Company in matters of biosafety, occupational risk prevention and health and environment before the competent authorities such us: facilities authorization for manipulation of Genetically Modified Organisms type 1 and 2.
  • You will execute actions to promote health and prevent accidents and diseases according to working conditions.
  • You will execute actions to promote commitment to sustainability and care for the environment in the work environment.
  • You will perform the necessary internal audits to ensure compliance with the various regulations and applicable laws, establishing, disseminating and implementing the action plan and continuous improvement.
  • You will collaborate with your direct manager in the development and implementation of the annual management plan for your area of responsibility always with a vision of continuous improvement cost / effectiveness that affects the improvement of the company.
  • You will report to your direct responsible the activities and incidents highlighted proposing solutions that affect the continuous improvement of your area.
  • You will assume a leadership role in promoting the VIVE culture inside and outside the team: values of behavior and teamwork, customer orientation and continuous improvement in quality, safety and environment.

About you

  • You have a university degree related to Chemical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or similar, complemented with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • You have a minimum level of English B2, C1 desirable.
  • You have experience of at least 3 years in the function in industrial companies, preferably in the Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical sector.
  • We value complementary knowledge or training in Biosafety and Environmental Management.
  • You have great facility in the use of computer systems working with Office 365.
  • You like to work to achieve team objectives and you are proactive, leading the achievement of results and with a cooperative attitude.
  • You are customer oriented both internally and externally, proposing solutions to problems and ideas for improvement.
  • You are a person oriented to high quality (excellence and self-demanding), organized and orderly.
  • You like to work in a team and be proactive, you have the ability to learn continuously.
  • You have good oral and written communication skills.
  • You are a responsible and rigorous person in what you do, demonstrating a high capacity for work, when there is a high demand for results and dates.
  • You always show a positive attitude towards change and you are flexible.

We offer you

  • You will have continuous career development that will help you develop your talent throughout your entire professional career.
  • You will participate in innovative projects in constant technological update.
  • You will have a competitive salary according to your profile for this position.
  • You will have a flexible timetable, with the support you need to conciliate and balance your personal and professional life.
  • You will be part of an expert, young, dynamic, innovative and enthusiastic team united by a common purpose, to accompany our clients to go ahead in the cure of diseases.
  • We will support you in your personal change process, if you come from another region and wish to come to live in Donostia-San Sebastián (accommodation, support in the job placement for members of your family unit, schooling,…).
  • You will enjoy a professional work environment, which is really distinguished by our humanity and closeness. And where we take care of diversity and inclusion. Diverse viewpoints, your curiosity, bring diverse capabilities that strengthen our focus and fuel our growth.
  • We are proud on offering equal opportunities and a close, welcoming environment. All people receive consideration for our vacant positions, without distinction of gender, age, race, religion, identity, sexual orientation, origin, disability or any other characteristic.

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