Luis Alberto Tebar; PhD

luis albertoGraduate in Biochemistry. Luis Tebar was awarded PhD by a thesis focused on key genes involved in motor neuron development and regeneration (Instituto de Neurociencias UMH-CSIC, 1998). This research project included gene knock-out mice model generation through homologous recombination of targeting vectors in mouse stem cells, work carried out mostly at MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK). In 2002 he joined University College London’s department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology as Research Fellow, being in charge of analysis of the animal models previously generated, studies which proved the key involvement of developmental genes in motor neuron maturation and postnatal behavior.

After academic research, Luis Tebar turned his career to applied biomedical research, getting a research fellow position at Eli Lilly-CNIO group (managing assay development programs and in vivo compound screening, development of transgenic mouse models and supervision of the animal colony) and TCD Pharma (Lead Generation Manager conducting studies aimed to get proof of concept of hit compounds for oncology targets, assessing their efficacy by using in vitro and animal models. He also has contributed to early stages of Clinical Studies, studies to overcome patent challenge by Patent Offices).

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